What's next?

Pre-session Consultation:  Just like anything else in life - planning is key... 

Once we have booked the session, we need to have a conversation about what you are looking for in the photographs.  There are a lot of options, andwhile we can accommodate most any style and desired look, lets talk about what you and your family are looking for out of this session.  It is during this pre-session consultation that we will cover things like wardrobe, location, style, the overall 'look and feel' of the photographs, and most important: where will they be displayed in your home (or office...)
Beginning with the end in mind will help us work backward into creating a wonderful experience without surprises and lets everyone enjoy the session instead of worrying about 'whats going to happen...'.
For many of my clients, this may be the first time they have approached 'family photographs' with any forethought - previous experiences may have been less than comfortable and those photos just ended up on a wall or shelf because the 'had to go somewhere...'  I want our session to have meaning and purpose, so the decision where and when and the photos that come out of that session to be proudly displayed.
One last note: before our session, I will ask you to take a look around your house and decide where you would like these photos displayed and to take a photo (with a blank piece of paper taped to the wall) of any place in your house you are considering displaying your photos.  I have some special software that can place the images we capture into frames, collections and virtually 'hang' them in your living room!
I recommend that you showcase your newest portraits where you spend the most time [living areas like the family room] but you should also consider kids’ bedrooms, the master bedroom, play rooms, entry ways, hallways, even the kitchen!
From this:  PrevealRoom71-1170x877A Simple Photo of where you may want your collection to be displayed  to this: groupingsgroupings
While it may be difficult to pick just one image to display - You may prefer to showcase your portrait session in a custom album, where we can mix both the candid, spontaneous images from the session with your more posed images & we can talk about those option during this call.
The session:
Now is the easy part...  With our pre-planning complete & everyone knows what is going to happen - we can focus on relaxing and enjoying the photoshoot without the worrying about what to do.  The session will last about 90 minutes and from there, I will go back to the office and make the great images even better.
The big reveal!
About a week after our session, the photos will be ready for viewing & the fun part begins.  We will get back together and go through the each image where I can help you check out the images and help decide what is going where!  Since some decisions have been made (or perhaps narrowed down) as to location, we can finalize the sizes, check out how different photos or groupings look on your wall.  After our in-person session, the photos will be uploaded to my website and open to share with friends and family for 10 days.
I have learned over time that it is actually tougher for families to decide on an order with online galleries. Agonizing over proofs only makes the process more difficult. An in-person View and Order Session will give you a sense of accomplishment and help get the decisions done soon after your session, and you’ll enjoy your finished portraits that much more quickly. And I will be here to help you every step of the way!
A special note to our Senior High School clients...
A typical senior session is a little longer, and will last approximately 2 hours, giving you plenty of time and options to get the images that represent you. All seniors are encouraged to bring 3-5 outfits. You're only a High School Senior once so we want your images to represent you to the fullest.
Once your session is all finished, we take the images and make them even better. This usually takes about a week so be prepared to come back (or I can come to you) in a week or two after your session to view and order your images.