John Ransom Photography | Clarkston Michigan Action Sports Photographer

I am passionate about sports photography!

There are so many different aspects to sports photography that it captivates my interest and keeps me motivated to stay 'in the game'!  

The different aspects can be summed up in 3 main categories:

  1. Team (& individual) Photos for schools, leagues, etc
  2. On-Site & Game-Day image capture
  3. Custom Posters & Banners (for teams & individuals)

I would love to talk to you about what you, your athlete and/or your team are looking for in a sports photographer!  In the various galleries, you can see some examples of all of the above.  Give me a call, and we can discuss the particular needs of you, your team and how we can create some unique packages!  (see below for pricing/details...)






Type Session Fee Description

Team Based Photo

RR-9"Team Photo"







A "standard" team based photo session:

-On-location, 30 Minute session with the team/individuals

-1 digital image of the team for use on programs, websites, etc.

-Individual photos can be taken and combined to produce a "Memory-Mate" style of photograph.  Available for sale in various packages starting at $15 individually.

-A password protected gallery is available for parents to purchase directly from me any of the team or individual photos as well as other specialty products (i.e. iPhone Cases, Custom Posters, metal prints, etc)

On-Site & Game-day Photos

DSC_3359GameDay photoJohn Ransom Photography





(for 2 hours)

Get your own professional photographer for the day!!  

-I will attend a live game or practice and photograph as many people, plays, events as possible in the time allowed/agreed.  

-All of images to you in a password protected gallery on my website for you to download and print images up to an 8x10 size.

The time includes travel from the clarkston area (one way).


Custom Posters & Banners

ZachPosterBasic PosterJohn Ransom Photography







Basic banner session & includes: 

-A 30 Minute photo session (on-site) with the team or individual(s),

-After a consultation, I will design a custom layout of a banner or poster (including team name, school/team logo, team sayings, etc).  A minimum of 3 examples will be provided from which to choose.

-Delivery of a digital image of the finished banner along with printing rights for that photo.  (I can arrange printing of the banner at an additional cost, or you can have it printed)

17x11 FHS 2013 poster17x11 FHS 2013 poster $175 & up

Complex Banner/Poster design:

-Includes all of the Basic's listed above, but prior to the session, it is determined there is a more complicated design needed/requested by the client.

-Call for a discussion and quote of what you may be looking for.